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Sports Shop

The Sports Shop for tennis, croquet & golf

Run by Richard Harrison as an independent franchise, support from the Members is balanced by the best prices and the best member service. Clothing and equipment is available for golf, tennis and croquet.

Each season brings in the latest trends and fashions, but the basic sporting items are always kept in stock; we cater for ladies, gents and juniors. 

Swing Studio Golf

Our state of the art computer and video analysis indoor swing studio, is fitted with the very best video coaching system that allows you to see your swing compared with the world's best and we show you how to improve upon it. This is the fastest and most successful route to improvement. Benefits include:

  • Swings can be saved and reviewed at a later date to track improvements. 
  • The lesson focuses purely on the individual and allows for truly measured accuracy and improvement.
  • The pupil can be placed alongside famous golfers on the computer screen as a way of learning from the best.

Custom Fitting of Golf Equipment

Everyone's golf swing is different so it makes sense to adjust golf clubs to suit the individual. Custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club to suit your personal swing. Roehampton Club is an authorised fitting centre for a number of the top names in golf equipment.

Custom fitting allows us to:

  • Provide you with the correct length and lie of club.
  • Launch Monitor measurement of your swing speed, ball spin factors and electronic ballistics.
  • Authorised fitting centre for Titleist, Yonex, Callaway and Ping.


Richard Harrison is fortunate to be supported by 4 PGA Professionals who can offer you a quick fix or a structured programme. Lessons are available 7 days a week and coaching is carried out either on the practice ground, the practice hole, the golf course or in our new indoor swing studio.

Richard and his team specialise in creating a structured programme to attain your goals - be it handicap achievement, handicap reduction or just simply developing the ability to play the game with your friends without any fear.