Visitors and Guests

On arrival to the Club:

Members must sign in their guests at the Gatehouse, Club Reception or Health Club Reception before participating in any activity.

Guests playing a sport will, on payment of the appropriate fee, receive a tag or receipt from the Club Reception. This must be kept visible or to be made available when asked for by a member of staff. Failure to do so may result in the guest being asked to leave the sporting facility

General Guest Rules 

A Member may only introduce more than three guests on weekdays for any sport by prior arrangement and at the discretion of the Chief Executive, Golf & Games Manager or Racquets Manager.

Members are entitled to introduce one guest to play sport on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays with whom they must play. Additional guests may be allowed to play sport on these days by prior arrangement (no less than two days in advance) and at the discretion of the Golf & Games Manager, Racquets Manager or Duty Manager.

No guest may be introduced into the Club for any reason more than six times in a calendar year for a sporting activity. Social guests (including Bridge, Poker, Chess, Snooker and Backgammon) may be introduced up to twelve times a year, attendance at ticketed social events is not included.

Golf Guests

Golf guests must be able to produce a handicap certificate of 23 or below for men or 32 and below for ladies. (Members wishing to invite guests with a handicap certificate of 24-27 for Men and 33-35 for Ladies', must play after 13:00 GMT and 14:00 BST). Unaccompanied guests are not permitted to play golf on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The Member will be responsible for ensuring that their guest is a capable golfer and that they adhere to the Club Dress Code Policy as well as demonstrating golfing etiquette.

Golf Dress:

A ll golfers must be appropriately and suitably dressed in golfing attire while playing on the course or on the practice areas. Members need to ensure that these requirements are made known to their guests. The Club wishes to foster a smart yet congenial atmosphere for playing golf.

Gentlemen are not allowed to wear tee-shirts, singlets, tracksuits, boxer shorts or swimming trunks. Shorts must be tailored shorts not less than mid-thigh length. When shorts are worn, either knee high socks (one plain colour) or predominantly white sports socks, which completely cover the ankle, must be worn. Trainer liner socks are prohibited.

Ladies are not allowed to wear brief shorts, sun-tops or leggings. Dress, which exposes bare shoulders or midriff, is not allowed. Sleeveless shirts must have collars and collarless shirts must have sleeves.

Only shoes specifically designed for golf are allowed on the golf course and practice grounds, except for clinics and Juniors without handicaps.

Tennis Guests

Tennis Dress:

Smart, tailored tennis wear only is allowed. Shirts, t-shirts and dresses must be predominantly white with a maximum 10% coloured trim. T-shirts must be sports branded only. Shirts for men and boys must have sleeves. Skirts, shorts, tracksuits and sweatshirts may be coloured.

Leggings for women may only be worn underneath skirts or dresses.

Socks must be white. Bicycle shorts or shorts below the knee line are not permitted for either Adults or Juniors.

Members need to ensure that these requirements are made known to their families and to their guests.

Note:Players not conforming to the above are liable to be asked to leave the court.