Personal Trainer Profile

Aaron Parsley


An introduction to me

Having worked within the fitness industry for the past 14 years, I have a wealth of knowledge and coaching experience to offer. My passion lies in the science and coaching of human movement, as well as training for athletic performance.

I am a UKSCA qualified strength and conditioning coach, a Level 3 Qualified Advanced Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor (REP's), and I'm currently studying a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science at St Mary's University. As the industry is fast evolving, I believe it's essential to keep up to date with current research to ensure the most efficient and effective programmes are prescribed.

I have worked in many sectors of the fitness industry, including working in Europe's largest corporate gym, designing a fitness initiative for the NHS to be implemented in schools throughout London, advising actors for chase scenes on a film set and managing a gym and Pilates studio for Aman Resorts in Vietnam.

My approach to training is a holistic one, and I believe a diverse and structured programme is essential to achieving overall health. Within my sessions I aim to work with clients to help them move more efficiently, which in turn greatly improves well-being and performance outcome.

My hobbies are tennis, Olympic weightlifting, Pilates and running. I am a black belt in karate and have competed at international level.


Specialities and Experience

Pilates    -    Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance     -    Programming for racket sports    -    Lifestyle consultation



UKSCA Strength and conditioning coaching accreditation

REP's level 3:

Pilates mat instructor

Advanced fitness instructor

Nutrition and weight management

Client appraisal

Currently studying:

BSc Hons degree in Strength and conditioning science