Pilates, Zumba & More (Health Club)

The Health Club has a fitness studio with a very busy schedule of classes running throughout the week. The activities are endless and are arranged by their effects on the body:

LBT - An easy to follow high impact class which combines aerobics with conditioning exercises to tone the lower body.

TBW - An easy to follow high impact class which combines aerobics with conditioning exercises to tone the whole body.

Power Pump - A class set to music using free weights and an aerobics step.  All muscle groups are worked using a series of exercises.  The focus is towards muscle endurance using high repetitions.

Cardio Pump - A challenging class consisting of an aerobics warm up followed by conditioning training using barbell and hand weights.

Peak Physique - Aerobics class which uses specialised choreography to improve the cardiovascular system without over stressing any part of the body.

Fit Ball - Total body conditioning primarily using the Swiss ball to sculpt and shape the body.

Mind Body and Core:
Yoga - Provides many physiological benefits and relieves stress, while improving posture and creating an overall sense of wellbeing.

Pilates - Mat based exercises to improve muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone.  All levels catered for.

Stretch - A 30 minute class to help improve flexibility.  Stretching can reduce the risk of injury.  Please warm up before the class.

Aerobics and Toning:
Step - A choreographed step workout, music to help set the tone and pace as you workout.

Cardio Blast/Simply CV - Gym machine based class to improve your fitness and burn fat by adding instructor led variety to your normal gym routine.

Circuits - Combination of strength, cardio and stamina work using different exercise stations in the Studio.

Box Fit - A boxing inspired circuit class including stations such as focus pads, punch bag, skipping, medicine ball and other exercises.

Sports Circuits - Aerobic based fitness class to improve speed and agility combined with sports specific exercises.

Low Intensity:
Mature Movers - Low impact movements including the use of weights to increase heart efficiency, mobility, flexibility, strength and bone density.

The Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning dance fitness party.  Feel the music and let loose.  

Golf Fitness Academy:
Improves your golf and increases your fitness levels while reducing the risk of injury. It allows you to establish whether your current physical limitations are hampering your golf swing and how to prepare your body correctly for a round of golf.