Rackets Cubed

Rackets Cubed - integrated sports, education and nutrition programme for children

Rackets Cubed is a new UK charity providing sports coaching, nutritional advice and the teaching of core school subjects for disadvantaged children - all in one exciting programme.

Borrowing an idea first developed in the US with outstanding success, Rackets Cubed has teamed up with the Members'-only Roehampton Club in south west London, to help 60 children from the nearby Sacred Heart state primary school.

Rackets CubedProviding the children with such a unique and exciting programme is one I truly believe will have a positive influence on all involved and we will aim to expand the Rackets Cubed programme over time.
Paul Lindsay - Programme Director

Three days a week 60 children from the school are taught squash and tennis by the Club's coaches, given advice on healthy eating and a nutritional meal by the Club's chefs, and assisted with their maths by professional tutors.

There is increasing evidence that active children are higher achievers at school.

I have a strong belief that these sorts of longer-term integrated sports, education and nutrition programmes can have a meaningful impact on children's lives
Michael Hill - Founder

In the US, Urban Squash Programmes are after-school squash and education schemes. They operate across America, and have a combined annual budget in excess of $7 million.

Currently they support 1,800 children from eight years-olds through to high school, and achieve impressive results, with 97% going on to college. More than $30m worth of educational scholarships have been awarded to Urban Squash students, and more than 100 students have been admitted to selective private high schools with full funding.

Rackets Cubed is dedicated to giving children from inner city London the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential, improve their physical and mental health and to aim high in all aspects of their daily lives.

The programme focuses on improving classroom achievement, learning a new sporting skill and being active and works to achieve clear goals:

  • Raising academic achievement
  • Helping to develop a new sporting skill / talent
  • Improving health and fitness
  • Providing the same life opportunities as children from more affluent families
  • Providing education on nutrition, food choices and exercise
  • Providing work experience and increasing likelihood of employment
  • Providing weekly structure to (often chaotic) young lives.

For more information contact Paul Lindsay - Programme Director at paul.lindsay@roehamptonclub.co.uk


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