Croquet world cup

Croquet World Championship to take place in August 2013

The Association Croquet World Championship will take place between 10 - 18 August 2013 in South West London. Roehampton Club is proud to be hosting the Opening Ceremony on Friday 9th August, as well as several of the match days from the 10th until Friday 16th August. Non-members of the Club are very welcome to come along and spectate what will be highly impressive displays of skill. 

The event will attract the top 80 players from more than 15 countries. The current holder, Roehampton Club member, South African, Reg Bamford will be trying to retain the title for a third consecutive time and fifth in total. Reg is also the reigning Golf Croquet World Champion - the only time that both titles have been held by the same person.

Association Croquet is an intriguing sport requiring judgment, skill and tactical ability. And to dispel the myth that croquet is a vicious game of hitting the opponent's ball into the shrubbery, any ball that goes off the lawn is replaced on the "yard" line. The game is about building breaks as in snooker. Each player has two balls which they have to pass through all the hoops in order and then hit the peg in the middle of the lawn before their opponent. Top players are particularly skilled hitting balls through hoops not just using the mallet, but by using other balls, known as peeling. The championship is singles only.

The venues for the event are the Hurlingham, Roehampton, Surbiton and Woking Clubs, with the Opening Ceremony at Roehampton on Friday 9th August and the final to be held at Surbiton on Sunday 18th August 2013.

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