Club's squash team wins division 2 in Bath Cup

It's a first in Club history- victory at the Bath Cup

Report by David Le Guern

Some people see Squash as a sport of the 80's. A fad if you will, with only a few generations sitting in its corner, cheering it on to win.

Well, as a 31 year old, who has loved the game for what it is, since before I can remember, I can tell you that Squash at the Club is thriving. So much so, that this year we made history. It was the first time ever that the Club has won division two of the Bath Cup.

The first Bath Cup game was played in 1922, which makes the competition the oldest squash league in the world. There are three Divisions in the competition, 1st, 2nd and Veteran. The format for the competition consists of three singles matches with each team playing each other twice; once at home and once away, split into two halves.

The team consisted of Alex Williams, David Le Guern, James Rowland Clark and Tom Crosthwaite, with contributions from Luca Lasciarrea, Jez Carter, James McCouat and Michael Hill throughout the season. We started well with a solid 3-0 win over rivals RAC in round one. The momentum from the first fixture started a winning steak that would see the team lose only 2 of 22 fixtures over the 6-month season.

The MVP (most value player) award goes to Alex Williams for winning 80% of his games, playing 20 of 22 matches, and losing just 4 at number 1 in the team.

The TFC (thanks for coming) award goes to Tom Crosthwaite for managing to win 12 of 15 matches before falling from his unicycle and tearing his ACL, rendering him with crutches for nine months.

Key to the teams success was the availability of players especially when it came to playing key matches. We managed wins over Queens and Lansdowne, home and away, this alone went a long way to ensuring the cup position in the trophy cabinets of Roehampton Club … finally!

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