Roehampton Club membership falls into a variety of categories. The main thing to consider is whether or not you would like to include golf or would prefer tennis membership which, as with a golf membership, also includes access to all of the Club's facilities except golf. Please see the membership types below:   

Full Playing 
You may play all sports and participate in all activities Monday - Sunday.

Your active golf handicap determines whether you are eligible to be a Full Playing Member and, in order to play golf at any time during the weekend, men are required to have a handicap of 23 and below and ladies 32 and below. Men with a handicap of 24-27 and ladies with a handicap of 33-35 may play at any time Monday - Friday, but have limited playing rights at the weekend - after 2pm in the summer months (April - October) and 1pm during the winter months (November - March). The Golf Professionals at the Club are happy to help you reach the required handicap for Full Playing membership.

Restricted Full 
You may play and participate in all sports and activities Monday - Sunday, except for golf, which you may play Monday - Friday only.  In order to play golf Monday - Friday, no handicap is required, but you must have a proven playing ability.

You may play tennis and all sports and activities Monday - Sunday, but may not play golf at any time. 

Five Day 
You may play golf and tennis Monday - Friday and participate in all the other sports and activities at the weekend.

Intermediate 18-25
Membership for those aged 18-25 years old. Entitles use of all the facilities seven days with the exception of golf at weekends. Weekend Golf Playing Rights may be added upon completion of the Golf Induction with a Golf Pro, the required handicap for weekend play and the purchase on request of Weekend Playing Rights. 

Junior 4-17 yrs
Junior Members aged 17 years and under have parents or guardians who are Members of Roehampton Club. Juniors may play the majority of sports Monday - Sunday, but there are some age and playing restrictions. For example, in order to play golf at weekends and hold a Junior Weekend Golf Pass, they must achieve the required playing ability. Only Juniors aged 16-17 years may use the gym. 

Toddler Pass
Toddlers aged 0-3 years, are the sons and daughters of Roehampton Club Members and may hold a Toddler Pass. The January following their 4th birthday, they become eligible for Junior membership.  

Membership Fees

To view the membership fees, please click the link below:

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Applicants with a Proposer and Seconder

Candidates need to complete an application form

The form must be signed by a Proposer and Seconder who are Members of the Club, personal friends of the candidate and who will provide letters supporting the candidate's application.

It is the responsibility of the proposer or seconder to show the candidate around the Club should they wish to see the facilities prior to making an application.

Candidates will be invited to meet a Director of the Club, who will endorse their application before submitting it to the Board for approval. A non-refundable registration fee of £100  should accompany each adult application.

Applicants without a Proposer and Seconder

Candidates without a Proposer and Seconder must also complete an application form. In the absence of Roehampton Club Members proposing and seconding the application, the completed form must be accompanied by the candidate's CV, two professional references and, if applicable, confirmation of past/present membership of any other sports clubs. A non-refundable registration fee of £100 should accompany each adult application.

Once the paperwork is received the applicant will be invited to make an appointment for a tour of the Club and to meet one of the Club's Directors, who may endorse the application before submitting it to the Board of Directors for approval. We will endeavour to help the potential Member find current Members to propose and / or second their application either by introducing them over a game of tennis, round of golf or in a social setting. 

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Waiting List
Membership is offered in strict waiting list date order and we endeavour to offer the preferred membership category. There is an intake of new Members each January and the number of resignations received at the end of each year determines the vacancies available the following year. There is also a second intake of new Members each year in the summer months. 

Frequently Asked Questions
To download all of the information above and more, please click here for the answers to some Frequently Asked Membership Questions.

For more information, please call the Club on 020 8480 4200 or contact the Marketing and Membership Manager; Helen Bolt on 020 8480 4214 or

Child Protection Policy
Roehampton Club acknowledges its duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice.
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If you have any questions about joining the Club, the various sports and activities we have to offer, please complete the enquiry form below or email

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