Bridge, Snooker, Chess, Backgammon and Poker


Roehampton Club has several thriving communities, with avid support from members. As well as daily/weekly games and member competitions, there are also regular inter-club matches.

Tuition in all these activities in very assessable as professionals lead and organise the events and are very willing to coach and guide newcomers. Arrangements for external professionals to give exhibition days and coach is also very common, as members are always thriving to master their arts.


Bridge, has exclusive use of an attractively appointed Bridge Room accommodating up to 20 tables.

The section caters for all standards of player, from beginner to social to competitive, with the emphasis on enjoyable bridge at all levels. 

The Club employs a professional director, Steve Foster, for the main duplicate sessions.  Paul Mendelson, the well known author and FT bridge correspondent, runs a comprehensive programme of classes and coaching.

The programme includes: Duplicate Bridge, Teams of Four, Chicago, Classes, Supervised Play, Gentle Duplicate and a full fixture list of interclub matches, internal and external competitions, and social events.


Snooker has a dedicated Snooker Room and singles and doubles matches take place throughout the year. Members take part in competitions such as the London Clubs Handicap Competition and there are regular friendly matches and competitions with other Clubs. 

Snooker professionals are regular visitors to Roehampton Club. Snooker Tuition Days take place with professionals, such as Martin O`Donnell, to help all members improve their game.


The Club caters for all standards of players and is particularly adept at rehabilitating people 'who used to play at school'.  Internally there are a number of knockout events and an externally we play an inter-club league.


Tuition is provided by Club Members Chris and Gill Bray (Chris is the backgammon correspondent for The Independent). 
Club Nights, which are a mixture of instruction, tournament play and casual play, take place on the first Thursday evening of each month.

Teatime Backgammon takes place every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm in the Sports Bar and is aimed at beginners and intermediates.

The club fields a team in the London League against opposition such as the RAC, MCC and The Hurlingham.


The Club runs fun friendly, competitive tournament poker, under the expert tutelage and guidance of bridge and poker professional Paul Mendelson.